What is Vutopia ?

Vutopia is the movie lover’s ultimate destination. It’s all of your favorite movies On Demand, available to watch on TV and online, anytime you want. Vutopia offers many movies including Hollywood favorites, indie movies and documentaries, with new movies premiering each month. It’s a movie for every mood in cool categories that make the search as fun as the find. Vutopia is your movie happy place.

How do I subscribe to Vutopia?

Vutopia is currently available as a part of Movie Pass from Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

Not subscribed to Movie Pass?

Time Warner Cable customers can visit timewarnercable.com/shop , enter your username and password then click on “View all TV service options” and select Movie Pass. You can also call 1-800-TWCABLE.

For Bright House, visit brighthouse.com to learn more or call 1-866-876-1872

Can Cox customers watch Vutopia?

Vutopia will no longer be available to Cox customers as of January 31, 2012. While we know you enjoyed using Vutopia, we encourage you to explore the expansive library of movies which are available to you anytime On DEMAND and online as part of the Cox Movie Pak. Cox currently offers thousands of On DEMAND titles, from independent films to mainstream hits, documentaries and kid's movies. You can access these movies instantly, anytime.

To watch movies On DEMAND on your television at home, simply use your remote to go to channel 1. You can also access TV shows and movies online from your PC anytime at http://www.cox.com/tv.

How much does Vutopia cost?

Cost for Vutopia may vary by city. Call your provider for pricing in your area.

How do I find Vutopia on my TV and my computer?

To access Vutopia, tune to the Movie Pass channel using your cable remote and select the Vutopia folder. To locate your Movie Pass channel, visit twondemand.com or ontv.brighthouse.com and enter your zip code.

Online access to Vutopia is coming soon for Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks Movie Pass subscribers. To be notified when Vutopia is available online, please register here.

What is a “Watch List”?

The watch list helps you keep track of movies you want to watch. Just click the plus sign when you find a movie you want to see and we’ll add it to your list. You must register with vutopia.com in order to use the watch list tool. We will also send you an email a week in advance to let you know when a movie in your list will no longer be available on Vutopia so you don’t miss it.

Where did the movies in my watch list go?

If a movie is no longer available on Vutopia, it will be removed from your watch list. We do however send you an email notification one week before the movie is scheduled to leave the service.

How do I search for movies?

In Vutopia, you can find the movies to watch based on the mood you are in. Evaluate your current disposition then rotate left or right to move the wheel until you land on just the right mood. Looking for something specific? No problem. You can also search by Title or Genre. The mood wheel is always at the bottom center of the page so your movie happy place is only a click away.

To see new movies added in the past week, select Just Added to the left of the wheel and to see what’s coming to Vutopia, select Coming Soon on the right.

How do I register for Vutopia.com?

Just click the Login tab in the upper top left hand corner and select not registered. Enter in some simple info and you’re all set.

What does “Watch on TV” mean?

Selecting the Watch on TV option will give you more information on how to find Vutopia on your cable system.

Are the movies available in HD?

Some of the movies on Vutopia are available in 1080i HD on television only. Just look for “On TV in HD” on the movie listing page.

While we try to provide as many movies in HD to all customers, their availability varies by system so there is a chance that a particular film may not be available in HD at this time in your area. We hope to correct these discrepancies as soon as possible.

How often are the movies updated?

New movies are added every Thursday.

I don't live in the U.S., can I still enjoy Vutopia?

Currently, Vutopia is only offered in the United States

What if I have more questions about Vutopia?

Email us at info@vutopia.com or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Time Warner Cable customers click here or call 1-800-TWCABLE

Bright House customers click here or call 1-866-876-1872